The Area Delegate is elected every other year to represent the area at the annual Conference meeting in New York and to bring back to the area the results of that meeting. Since 1951 the area delegates have been elected to participate as trusted servants and to provide important leadership in the Fellowship.
Through out the year, especially in the months leading up to when the delegate attends the annual Conference, usually held late April, the delegate will ask the GSRs to give their group consciences about the General Service Conference Agenda Items or any other concerns their groups may have. Individual opinions from A.A. members are also welcomed. Usually, group consciences can be shared at the Pre-conference assembly held in March or April but can also be shared via email.
It has been the custom of Area 93, to have the “Delegate Report Back” in May or June each year. After that, the delegate makes themselves available to visit all of the districts in the area to give a report and to answer any questions. District 22 usually has the delegate report back to us at our annual Service Luncheon, where the fellowship at large is invited to attend.
Currently our Area 93 Delegate is Karla Y. She is in the second year of her term. Elections for a new delegate and other Area 93 officers will take place at the Assembly on November 20, 2022.
The Area 93 Delegate, Karla Y. has made herself available to be reached at [email protected]

Q: As a delegate at the Conference, am I representing my area -and should I vote according to my area’s group conscience?
A: This is addressed in Concept III, which states: Conference Delegates are primarily the world servants of A.A. as a whole, that only in a secondary sense do they represent their respective areas. Consequently they should , on final decisions, be entitled to cast their votes in the General Service Conference according to the best dictates of their own judgment and conscience at that time”. When delegates veer from what they know their area’s conscience to be, they are asked to report this to their area and the reasons why they voted as they did.

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