Group Histories - Los Osos, CA

Elfin Forest

Home Girls – Big Book (Group # 693192-93-22) About 2000 to present

The Group was founded by: Kathy C, Margie and Sharon

Early Members were: Susan W (still active in the group), Mary P, Joan, Joanette, Sherri, Jennifer, Kathy, Bev, Doris, Alissa, Deb, Darlene and Kathleen. 

The meetings are one hour in length starting at 5:30pm on Mondays. They are currently being held on zoom.

We were first located in a Los Osos Book Store on 10th. Street. We have moved quite a lot since then. From the Book Store, we went to Margie’s house, then to a Bank, to Van Buerden’s Building, to Joliannas, to a Church and now we are meeting on Zoom.

We started using an Open Participation format but we found we needed more structure. We changed to a Big Book study which we have continued to use.

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