Area 93 District 22

Alcoholics Anonymous

San Luis Obispo County, California

Welcome to Area 93, District 22

District 22 is the Central Coast’s connection to Area 93 and to the general service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous®. It’s how local groups participate in decision-making for A.A. as a whole and help carry A.A.’s message of hope to the still suffering alcoholic.

As stated in our District 22 Guidelines -The purpose of the 22nd District shall be the administration and coordination of A.A. activities, and to the various groups comprising its membership.

District 22 consists of the entire County of San Luis Obispo, bounded by Kern County to the East, Santa Barbara County to the South, the Pacific Ocean to the West and Monterey County to the North.

All Groups in our District are entitled to have a General Service Representative (GSR).

District 22 holds “hybrid” monthly meetings, on the second Sunday of the month from 10:15 AM to 11:30 AM. We meet in person at the Alano Club at 3075 Broad Street, San Luis Obispo, and also on Zoom.

District 22 is part of Area 93. We are all part of A.A. General Service.

A.A. Responsibility Declaration

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What's New?

as of 05/15/2024

  • The 74th General Service Conference was attended by our Delegate, Pablo H. who is available for GSC Report backs.
  • Visit the new Area 93 website for more information on the Conference and our Delegate.
  • Get a GSR report to give to your groups here.
  • SLOPYPAA: Sunday Get Downs monthly on the first Sunday. SLOPYPAA Business meetings are listed in the Meeting Guide and the District 22 meetings on the Central Office Intergroup website. Do Young People in AA (YPAA) have more fun? Go check it out people! All AA members are welcome.
  • Area 93 District 22 Response to the GSO’s    “CALL FOR STORIES“. Read the stories for the Fifth Edition of the book “Alcoholics Anonymous” (Big Book) which were the result of the Writing Workshop our District held in October 2022. Enjoy!

Upcoming Events


District 22

District 22 is part of the AA service structure that links all meetings in San Luis Obispo County to Central CA Area 93 and the General Service Office.  Here you will find the latest AA news in our DCM Newsletter, information about our meetings and events, standing committees and our policy documents.


A.A. is self-supporting through our own contributions.  The district depends on contributions from individual members and A.A. groups.  Here you will find information about how to contribute online or send in contributions, as well as links to our Financial Reports.


General Service Representatives are the link in the chain of communication between our groups, the General Service Conference, and the world of A.A.  Here you will find the online link to the GSR Kit containing various pamphlets and service manuals to help better understand the service structure of A.A.

General Service

The General Service Office serves as a hub of information between A.A. Groups, and is the home of A.A. World Services which oversees the publication and distribution of all A.A. literature.  Here you will find information about the yearly General Service Conference where information is shared between Areas, World Services and the General Service office regarding current issues, policies and literature updates.