Group Histories - Grover Beach


The Serenity Group split off from the Village Group in about 2003. We were located at the Old Funeral Home at 134 A Nelson Street in Arroyo Grande from 2003 to mid
2020. We are presently located in a Church at 555 S. 13th St., Grover Beach.

The Group Founders were: Ken G, Teacher Bob, Albert, Jack C, Carla H, Greg S, Calvin H, Paul H and Patti H among others…. Many of the original members still

We have 3 to 4 one hour meetings each day: The first meeting beginning at 6:45 AM (in order that our members who worked locally could still get to their jobs by 8 o’clock), and the other meeting times are noon and 5:30 PM. The 6:45 AM start time was not popular by all and it was not uncommon for people to arrive late. 

A larger controversy arose over our use of the book “Drop the Rock” which we used in rotation with “Living Sober”. Drop the Rock is not conference approved. We wrote to the General Service Office concerning the use of this book in our program and were informed that we were free to use what we wished in our program as long as it was directed by the “Group Conscience”. Later one of our members was touring one of the homes Bill and Lois Wilson lived in “Stepping Stones” and saw a copy of Drop the Rock” lying on the table in the house. Not that it proved anything, it was just interesting. Other controversies were Clapping following the readings of the portions of Step 3, 5 and Traditions at the beginning of each meeting as well as not ending each meeting with the “Lords Prayer”.

We struggled with the COVID19 restrictions and the Alcoholic trying to get or stay sober. This was happening while our building was sold. We wondered if we would have to close or find a new location. We ended up continuing with some small meetings, with masks and social distancing. Then we found a new and larger space and are back offering our full meeting schedule, following CDC guidelines for San Luis Obispo County.

Our new location is in a Church located at 555 South 13th. Street in Grover Beach.

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