We on the Archives Committee believe that documenting our District History is important to help us understand who we are and where we have come from in the hopes that it will be of interest to those that follow.

In the early 1940’s our district was comprised of San Luis Obispo County and the northwestern half of Santa Barbara County. Our “Early History” covers this entire geographical area up through 1987 and the groups and meetings are indexed by city.

A second written history “Nudge from the Judge” documents the meetings held only in the city of San Luis Obispo from the first in 1947 through when it was written in 1996.

These are group histories we are currently or have recently collected which are listed by location and have been compiled by someone from the group itself. If you have additional information pertaining to a group history, please submit it to us via our contact info so our histories can be expanded and kept current.

Arroyo Grande
–  Mesa Group (zoom)

Grover Beach
–  Serenity Group

Los Osos
–  Early Risers zoom meeting
–  Home Girls; Big Book Study

Paso Robles
–  ABC group

Individual Stories
–  Barbara W. and Jane P. (6/30/209)
–  Blackie (Last interview )


Click on the image to read or print a copy of the A.A. Recovery Stories written at a Writing Workshop hosted by our District 22 past DCM Bonnie N. in response to the “Call for Stories” for the upcoming 5th Edition of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous by A.A.W.S.



–  G.S.O. information to assist in preparing a history
–  Questionnaire

Please send Group Histories and comments to:
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– or –
District 22 Archivist
P.O. Box 1891
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

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