DCM Corner January-February 2022

Greetings from District 22!

January/February 2022 We have just completed the first year of Panel 71 and heading into our second year. (The General Service Panels go for two years). It has been an honor to serve as District Committee Member (DCM) this past year. Here is a recap on some of the highlights and accomplishments of the District 22 Committee in 2021: Our first District meeting in January of 2021 was held virtual. There was a total of fourteen who ?zoomed? in, which included 5 General Service Representatives (GSRs). We continued to meet virtually February through August. Our average attendance was seventeen, which included an average of 8 GSRs.
  • Some of us attended the Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly (PRAASA), which was held virtually for the first time in A.A.?s history. Some of us also virtually attended the Area?s Pre-conference Workshop and Assemblies.
  • We had a virtual visit from the Area?s Alternate Delegate, Rudy M. and Area Secretary, Aimee T. We voted to send $2,500 to the General Service Office.
  • We voted to subscribe to QuickBooks on-line for our Treasurer to use in accounting and in making financial reports.
  • Things start to look up in September. We went ?Hybrid?! Attendance rose to twenty-three members, which included 11 GSR?s. Some of us met by Zoom, and others returned to our old meeting place at the Alano Club in San Luis Obispo. A big thank you to Judy G., who did the research and gathered the equipment to make our meeting hybrid.
At that September meeting, we also had a visit (in person)! From Area Registrar, Tara K. In October the ad hoc committee, headed by our Secretary Debbie P. completed the revision of the District 22 Guidelines & Policies, as well as the Bylaws. These had not been updated since 2012 ? so it was quite an accomplishment. Thank you, Debbie! In December we voted to accept the updated documents. In November had a very successful Service Luncheon held at Saint Timothy Church in Morro Bay. Thirty-five of us met in person, but with the help of Bob R. and Judy G. we were able to make it hybrid. Thank you to Judy & Bob, and to co-chairs Sandi and Jon K, and Christine, and all the service speakers. We had the honor of having our Area Delegate, Karla visit us and report on the General Service Conference she attended earlier in the year. In November we heard an excellent report from our District 06 (Spanish speaking) Liaison, Jazmine, who reported on her attendance to El Foro -an assembly for the Spanish speaking groups. December attendance: Twenty, which included 11 GSRs.
  • Jeff L. gave an excellent report on his attendance in November at the California Association of Public Information Officers (CAPIO).
  • Our Treasurer Hector had announced he would be rotating out by the end of this year. We appreciate Hector?s service. Fortunate for us, Sheryl G, who recently moved here from Southern CA was looking for a service opportunity. We voted her in, and she will start January 2022.
  • We were also in need of a liaison for the Hospital and Institution committee. Not only did we get one, but we got two! Welcome Maureen and Rusty, from Cambria, who will share the position.
  • We are still in need of an Alternate District Committee Member (ADCM).
  • Judy G reported on creating a website for our District. We will continue to discuss in January.
  • Wishing you all a safe and healthy New Year. I know it will be a good one.
Yours in Service, Bonnie N, DCM District 22 [email protected], (805) 550-8081